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I’m a Truck Driver. Where Can I Get Affordable Dental Care?

Jolie Smiles provides customized dental care for patients that have missing, cracked, or broken teeth. If you are looking for quality and affordable dental care you can trust, Jolie Smiles can help. Our focus is to help patients achieve the smile of their dreams, and restore confidence and quality of life. Let Jolie Smiles become your preferred dentist in Odessa, FL.

Dr. Truong has years of experience in creating beautiful smiles that patients can be proud of. If you are a truck driver, and are looking for a dentist near Tampa, Jolie Smiles provides many discounts on services in our office. We require proof of documentation, and no credit score or history is needed.

Jolie Smiles accepts many insurance plans, and provides discounts for patients without dental insurance. Our membership plan gives patients another option for payment, and is perfect for truck drivers, or those that may not carry dental insurance. Dr. Truong’s mission is to provide specialty quality care with affordable payment plans for all of her patients.

Let Jolie Smiles help you take control of your oral health. If you are due for your regular exam or cleaning, we recommend scheduling an appointment. Visiting our office at least twice a year for an exam and cleaning can help us identify any potential issues, and get in front of decay or cavities. We can help you keep your teeth and mouth healthy, and avoid serious issues.

Our team will examine your mouth and teeth, and take x-rays if necessary. Our doctor will perform a detailed exam and check for cavities. If treatment is required, we will discuss your treatment options, and provide information on our discounts and payment plans. We care about your oral health, and providing affordable dental care you can trust is our goal.

Looking for an Affordable Dentist in Odessa, FL?

If you are interested in finding a dentist near you that provides affordable dentistry in Odessa, Jolie Smiles can help. Our team can transform your smile and restore your confidence. We care about your oral health, and always provide the highest level of dental care. Our flexible schedule and hours allow patients to be seen in a timely manner. Call us today to start your journey towards a new smile.

To schedule your appointment with us, contact Jolie Smiles in Odessa, FL, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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