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Patient Name : Bill


Bill, age 53, always had soft and breaking teeth growing up. He grew out his mustache and beard to cover his teeth for many years. He would avoid talking to people at work, so he didn’t have to worry about people seeing his teeth. He held back from many people and wasn’t his happy self for too long.

Now, Bill is confidently interacting with others on a daily basis, socializing with his colleagues and helping others around him in IT. He enjoys spending time with his wife and eating all the food that he loves!

Patient Name : Algen


Algen , age 39, always battledan uncomfortable and inconvenient partial denture. She didn’t like that she had to always take her teeth in and out. She always wished she had a brighter and whiter smile.

Now, Algen comes in giggling with her husband, smiling ear to ear, wishing she had done this sooner. Her confidence level is higher than ever, her chin sits higher, her shoulders are upright, and she’s not the shy A lgen she used to be!

Patient Name : Michael

Michael has been struggling with bad teeth and missing many teeth. He was referred from a General Dentist due to the complexity of his teeth, bone structure and bone loss. He drives from 1 hour away for his appointments. Now, Michael has the greatest sense of humor, He’s quit smoking and he always comes in smiling ear to ear!

Patient Name : Dale


Dale, age 70, had a lot of crowns done in the military throughout his life. Every tooth kept getting more issues and his crowns never lasted. He also had an underbite he never liked. Dale was told by many dentists he did not have enough bone for dental implants.

Now, Dale is the most social man he’s ever been, he is always joking around and laughing with his witty jokes, and he has the peace of mind and confidence that his teeth are a PERMANENT SOLUTION. With zirconia teeth, he is worry – free about anything breaking again. Plus, they finally all match!

Patient Name : Manolo


Manolo, age 55, always wanted longer teeth. He felt he never showed his top teeth when talking and smiling. Growing up, he was known for his nice smile. He went through braces and constantly battled a partial denture that he felt was an inconvenience to take on and off every day. He was getting food stuck underneath and the wires would hurt his anchoring teeth.

Now, he said goodbye to his partial denture, and hello to a BIGGER AND WHITER smile that he once had. He has the confidence and comfort that his teeth stay in place now!

Patient Name : Sandy


Sandy, age 65, never had good teeth.She wouldn’t feel confident to smile to others. She felt like she always held herself back and was covering her teeth.

Now, Sandy is CONSTANTLY laughing and smiling ear to ear. She said even her sister is jealous of her new teeth. Her first response after receiving a new smile was, in happy tears, “I can FINALLY smile again!”

Patient Name : Douglas


“My teeth NEVER looked this good!”

Douglas has gone almost a year without dentures. His previous set from Affordable Denture cracked in half and never allowed him to eat all the food he wanted to eat. With easy payments, Douglas now eats bacon sausage egg bagel sandwiches with no issues! He loves that he can now enjoy Cheetos, nuts and bacon!

Patient Name : Rita


“I can smile again!”

Rita never liked how her face looked with missing many teeth. She would hide her smile around her family and friends and felt embarrassed about the partial denture she wore that never fit right. In two appointments, she received a smile she was so proud to have again! She looked in the mirror and her eyes widen and the biggest smile came across her face as she goes “I can smile again!

Patient Name : Dolvin


“I’ve been waiting over 20 years for this.”

Dolvin has always had bad teeth since he was young. He also had an accident that left him with missing teeth, bone loss, and a bad partial denture. He interacts with people at work everyday and has thought about dental implants for 20 years. In one day, Dolvin received a new full mouth implant smile!

Patient Name : Johnathan


“When my sister first saw me after my surgery, she smiled back and cried!”

Johnathan suffers from acid reflux, corroding teeth, and did not want dentures with his extremely high gag reflex. He went to other Prosthodontists and Oral Surgeons in town and was told he had to be in a denture first. He also didn’t like the poor communication at the other offices and felt he wasn’t being listened to and they did not do what he wanted. In one day, Johnathan received a smile that led to happy tears in his wife’s and sister’s eyes who have never seen him so happy!

Patient Name : Arthur


Arthur, age 77,used to pop his own dental infections and always had dental problems.Arthur’s wife sees his daily struggle and always wanted Arthur to be healthier and have top and bottom teeth that matched.In 3 hours, he received an immediate transformation.Arthur is now healthy and smiling with confidence! He enjoys his life living in Florida and Michigan!

Patient Name : Judy


Judy, age 75,always had complications, including a broken jaw, teeth that never came together correctly, discoloration and decay.Judy was no longer able to eat what she wanted to, such as salads,and hated smiling. After Judy’s amazing trans formation, she was smiling ear to ear and
was so excited to go out to dinner and have good food again!

Patient Name : Joe


“I wish I had found you sooner. You saved my life.”

Joe, age 61,was missing his teeth for over 2 years but had held off due to chemotherapy and wanting to find the right office.He went through any dentures and they never felt right.Joe searched for the latest technology,3D dentures, and found Dr. Truong.Joe now is walking around eating hamburgers, pizza, and chips after TWO YEARS of scrambled eggs. Joe said these lower dentures are the best he has ever had!

Patient Name : Richard


Richard had excruciating dental pain his whole life, and before coming to Jolie Smiles, he had amouth abscess and TMJ jaw joint issues.He always had bad teeth his whole life. He was told by many dentists he didn’t have enough bone for implants. In one day, Richard received the
transformation he has been waiting for. Now,Richard has a beautiful and healthy smile!

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